Elements of Sport


Elements of Sport

Sport is more than just a form of recreation; it is part of a culture and community. Sports are a natural way of living, a major way of appreciating your life. This terminology has so many varying connotations, but in general they are all diverse. It’s difficult to think of sporting activities on their own as something distinct from everyday society, like how religion is distinct from everyday life.

The first element of a sport definition is the physical aspect. It can be described as the rules, standards, rules and equipment associated with the sport in question. These standards can be publicly or privately adopted by association with other sporting bodies. A common example of this would be that football is governed by the rules set out by FIFA, the governing body of football. The second element is the emotional element, which is further broken down into the motivation for participating in the sport and its effects on the participant’s psychology and mental health.

A further element of sport activity involves the competitive aspect of the activity involved. This is further broken down into two elements: the contest between the contestants on the sport ground, and the entertainment value gained from the competition. Competitions within sports can take many different forms, such as Olympic level swimming or cycling events. There can also be elements of team-based activity, for example, such as in baseball and soccer.

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