Tennis Serve Tactics and Strategies

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Tennis Serve Tactics and Strategies

Tennis is a racket game which is played between two competing teams of two players each, with each team using a special tennis racket usually strung with string. Each player employs a specially made tennis racket which is then strung with thin nylon cord over or on a wooden frame to strike an artificial ball struck at the opposite end by the other team’s opponent or forward over the net. The object of the game is to be the first player to strike the ball to your opponent’s wall or object in the opposite corner of the court. There are four courts in tennis, the primary being what is called the singles tennis court. Then there is the doubles tennis court where there is only one player in a match and a third court called the thirds tennis court where there are two or more players in a match.

As you can imagine, the competition in doubles tennis is very fierce, as is the competition in singles tennis. The players alternate who hits the ball first with the one who is serving. It is considered a foul if the player serving hits the ball first, even if it’s an error. So it is important to keep this in mind while serving, especially if you are playing against someone who is a professional.

In doubles matches the serving strategy varies a great deal from that of singles matches. In singles matches the server generally aims to put the ball into the open middle of the court for his opponent to serve. In doubles matches though, both players serve first, with the second player hitting the ball into the open side of the court for his opponent to serve. This is because in doubles tennis, when a team wins the first set they get a break, so the second set is usually played on an even basis. So it is not uncommon for the server to serve first in the second set.

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