What Is Sport and Why Is It Important?

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What Is Sport and Why Is It Important?

“Sport” is an adjective that describes any form of physical activity performed for the purpose of obtaining an award, contest, or simply for the fun of it. It could also be taken to mean any system of organized physical activity undertaken for competitive purposes. However, in the United Kingdom the term Sport is more commonly used to refer to organized recreational sports, usually with a sports reference point such as a National Stadium or a Corporation Sport Trust. This is because in the UK, the three main professional sport organizations, the Football Association, the National Football League (NWL) and the Welsh Assembly Sports Association each have their own association sports clubs which promote the game in terms of coaching, marketing and broadcasting.

Sport therefore, is used to define any competitive physical exertion. It includes any form of activity that uses the mind or body in a way that allows participants to use their own power to overcome challenges and to progress towards a common goal. The word “sport” is also used to describe any event that uses a combination of physical exertion and some sort of skill, such as diving, gymnastics, motor racing, ice skating, or motorbicycle racing. These events are also called sports events.

Sport refers to a wide variety of activities and events. Some common examples of non-sport activities that are considered by the United Kingdom’s International Sports Federation as taking part in sports activities include weightlifting, fencing and swimming. Other countries lay claim to the definition of sport, even though the activities involved may not fall within the parameters of sport as defined by the World Health Organization (WHO). For example, the United States National Ice Hockey Association defines ice skating as “a sport”, while the UK’s National Curling Centre describes it as “an indoor game of curling”.

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