Tennis – An Overview


Tennis – An Overview

Tennis is a racket game which is played between a pair of players each using a different tennis racket strung with string or with leather-made felt tape to hit an egg-shaped, light-weight ball to the opposite wall and onto the other opponent’s tennis court. The winner is the player who hits the ball into the basket most times; that is, who has the greater number of swings at the end of the match. Unlike Golf, where you can have a tie-break point, a player cannot stop playing if he or she hits the points. However, a tie-break point may occur if the player fails to get rid of his or her first or second serve.

In general, tennis breaks up into three main periods: the pre-determined point maximum, half point, and the post-determined point maximum. Each of these phases has its own scoring system, with some variations between rules. For instance, in the pre-determined point maximum, the winning team receives one point for each point won; the losing team receives one point for each point lost; and the match continues until the match winner is either eliminated or wins the set. A pre-determined point maximum may be adopted for training purposes only, since a set usually determines the outcome of a match more easily than a draw does.

Each individual sport has its own system of scoring, and tennis is no exception. While tennis players are taught to hit the ball back and forth, the actual scoring is based on each player’s ability to hit the ball at a particular speed and from a certain direction, and not necessarily on how many points each player has hit. If all players hit the ball at the same speed and from the same direction, each player receives the same amount of points.

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