Tennis Players Must Be Well-Prepared

Tennis is a racket game which is regularly played between a pair of competitors, usually between two teams each utilizing a different type of tennis racket. Each player utilizes a special tennis racket, which is strung with thin string or with a leather cord to hit a small hollow ball covered by felt at one end over or on a tennis court and onto the opponent’s court. When playing tennis, a person has to hit the ball into a court at least six inches long by four inches wide. The object of the game is to first strike the ball into the open net. Then, using an obstruction, like a hand, the player must return the ball to that open net without missing it. This “ping-pong” method of play has been used for centuries and is popular among many sports lovers.

In the beginning, the tennis court was divided by a solid sand block, which, with a thick layer of soil stuffed with grass or stones, prevented the players from hitting into each other. The game was restricted to indoor courts. But in the 1970’s, tennis courts were renovated, and two new types of tennis equipment were designed: the indoor hard court and the outdoor tennis court. With the evolution of the game and the modernized tennis court, tennis is now an international sport, which is played in about sixty countries worldwide.

The game of tennis is a perfect combination of exercise, mental fitness and a healthy lifestyle. It has been proven that tennis players who regularly exercise perform better than those who don’t. In order to be triumphant in the game of tennis, the player should be fit both physically and mentally. The players should be able to execute their moves accurately, making smart strokes and avoiding premature errors. A player should be able to react quickly to any new situation and to adapt to the changes in the game as well. For this reason, tennis players should not be over-bowled, and they should always be relaxed and focused.

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