A Short Introduction To Tennis

Tennis is an expensive racket game, which is usually played between two competitors each employing a unique tennis racket, typically made from a hard wood. Each player also uses a specially strung tennis racket which is attached to a long metal stick with a thin, flexible cover over or on top of a steel or aluminum pole and swung with a wooden or composite bat. Usually, tennis matches are scheduled over a series of weeks, months, or even years. However, sometimes matches can be abandoned in the middle of an important match due to time constraints or a change of opponent.


In general, a tennis match starts with a forehand serve, which is directed towards the opposite corner of the net where the opponent is playing. A forehand shot is more advantageous than a backhand shot because the server can put more power on the serve by bending his body slightly and swinging sideways rather than straight up. The serve relies on strength rather than timing. The opponent’s reaction is very important in the process of making the hit.

Each individual player on a tennis court plays a particular role. The serve is generally the most valuable tool for winning a game of tennis. For example, a forehand serves well in tennis matches, while a backhand serve is better at the start of the match. The other factors include the speed of the tennis ball and how far the ball has traveled when it is hit by a racquet. The last factor, the net appeal of the net, can greatly affect a tennis match. Most people prefer a hard surface to play tennis on so that they do not run into trouble later on with their joints.