Importance of Sport

The first thing that comes to our mind when we talk about Sport, is participation, the thrill of competition, and the thrill of winning. It was in the year eighties, when Olympic Games was held in Italy, the world watched a change in the way the games are watched. After the Olympics, TV networks all over the world dedicated special channels for the sports. In every corner of the world, the people follow the sporting events, and especially the ones that are played in their countries. Sport has become more than entertainment for the people, it has become a lifestyle and people have started taking it as a serious business.


There are so many sports that are played in the world, cricket, Australian football, motor racing, soccer, tennis, and American football. All these sports attract millions of fans, enthusiastic people watch these sports to know about the performance of their favorite players or team. And because of the interest in watching sports, people are ready to pay any amount of money to get a share of those precious seats, and cheering section.

Another thing that attracts people towards the sports is the game. Some people might say that the sportsmanship is also important, but the real meaning of sport is more on the sport’s performance. If a player or a team does not show any sportsmanship, then they will not be liked by the audience. Sportsmanship includes all those things which a participant of the game does to win the game and bring victory. The most important person in sportsmanship is the coach, he guides his team members to perform the game with full efficiency and shows them the right way of playing. Coaches also form the link between players and fans, and if a coach offers quality guidance to his players then he will definitely have a good popularity among the players and the audience.