Learning About the Game

Association football, also known as just football, is a well-known sport played between a rectangular ball and two teams of eleven players. It is played throughout the world by about 250 million players in more than 200 countries and dependencies. The game was initially a game for soldiers in Europe during World War I. In France, the first organized football game was played in the park of the Parisian suburb of La Dauphine. It was the French Football Association that gave football its modern name, Association Football, in 1920.


The object of the game is for the players to kick the ball round the field using their feet. The object is not for the ball to touch the ground or any part of the playing field in an offensive manner. A penalty is given to any player who deliberately drops a ball which has touched a wall, goalscoring wall, post or another part of the playing field. The referee will measure the length of the drop by the position of the ball on the playing field, and will award a penalty kick if the ball is longer than the indicated length. A penalty kick results in a penalty kick against the football team.

The object of the game is for the players to take the ball from the goal scoring area and score a goal by kicking the ball into the opponents’ goal. There are two types of football games, the open and the closed, which differ in that the open game requires no contact between the players and the ball, whereas the closed game has contact between the players and the ball. The most common type of football game is played for entertainment and for fun between people who are closely related by blood or by marriage. This can be either a friendly or a competitive match played among friends or family members. Professional football matches are played between professional football players, and professional football matches are played between teams playing at different levels of the game. Youth football usually involves players playing an amateur or lower level football game.