Tennis – An Interesting Game

Tennis is a racket sports, which is played between a single player or between two teams of at least two players each. Each player uses a special tennis racket, which is strung with string with a felt tip on top to hit an object called a tennis ball off to the side or into the court of another player. A stroke is made by sliding one’s racket over the surface of the court and then striking the ball. The game of tennis involves many different strokes and movement types such as serving, forehand, backhand and lobber.


In a tennis match, the players alternate turns when it is their opponent’s turn to serve. They continue to alternate turns until there are three sets of tennis balls in play at the end of the game. The last set is normally played with two people from each team. When there are only two players remaining, a reset is usually made to see who has won the first set then a winner is declared.

Tennis courts are generally circular with a tall grass surface outside and short grass or dirt on the inside. For most doubles court games, the players will alternate turns until they reach the first corner and back into the tennis area. The tennis goals vary from tennis ball machine doubles, sand trap and other portable goals that take the tennis ball and a weight and toss them into a net for points.