Tennis – One Sport With One Set of Rules

Tennis is a racket sports, which is played by a single player against another team of two competitors each, sometimes with two other alternates in doubles. Each player utilizes a particular tennis racket, which is strung with lead wire over or on a net to hit an object covered with felt over or on a tennis court and into the other opponent’s court. Tennis is a ball game that involves hitting a ball with an upstroke, a backstroke, and a forehand or backhand. These strokes are repeated continuously until the other opponent is defeated or the game is completed.


Different tennis court surfaces are used for the different tennis events. The surface that a player is using should be one that is suitable to the kind of strokes which he would make use of in the game. A hard court is one in which the ball has more bounce than on a soft court, and a medium court is one in which the bounce is less than on a hard court. The terms “hard court” and “medium court” are used as a general guideline and vary slightly according to the type of surface on which the game is being played.

The French tennis star, Roger Federer, is the current holder of the most Grand Slam tennis tournaments, including the US Open, Wimbledon, Melbourne and Australian Open. Federer currently leads the all-time ranking with 8 titles. His achievements in the sport have led to him earning the most number of career Grand Slam singles tournaments, including seven out of the eight which he has won. Roger is now the only person to have contested every Grand Slam singles tournament during his career, apart from one. Federer has surpassed Pete Sampras’ record of seven consecutive titles and is second in this particular title drought only to Pete Sampras.