What Is a Sport?

Sports are competitive athletic activities and events. These fill the need for physical activity, play and competition. Generally all sports are competitive. This is perhaps the main difference between recreational, entertainment or leisure.


Sports are generally defined as physical contact sport involving contact with the object of the exercise; whether it is a ball, a stick, an iron, a basketball or some other body item. Sports involve exertion of energy or stamina through athletic movements. Sportsman are more often involved than the spectators in athletic events. Sportsmanship is an important aspect of all sports. Sports are divided into various categories such as games, gymnastics, athletics, and wrestling, basketball, ice skating and golf.

There are a wide range of sports that fit under the broad umbrella of modern day sports. Many people may be unfamiliar with all the sports but knowing a little about them will help us understand sports better. The competition in sports like gymnastic will depend on the skill of the gymnast to the skills of golf and ice skating rely on the strength of the player. It is the quality of the sport and the exertion required that determines the winner. Whether a game is a game of skill or strength, its outcome is based on skill and the effort to win.