Sport Physical Activities

Sports are organized physical activities and competitions. These satisfy the need for competition, physical activity and play. All sports, with few exceptions, are potentially competitive.


This is perhaps the key difference between recreational, leisure or recreation and sports. Leisure time may include such things as watching television, reading, taking a walk, exercising using a stationary bike or machine, gardening or playing indoor games like billiards, croquet or even fishing. The activities involved in these activities may be considered light-hearted recreations, but they are not vigorous or competitive sports. On the other hand, sports activities involve strenuous exertion of physical faculties, usually involving sprinting, throwing, tackling, jumping, tackling and shooting. These activities are sports, even though the participants do not call the activity sport directly.

Most countries have national sporting competitions, organized by state or federal association and often sponsored by government. The most popular sports are ice hockey, American football, baseball, basketball, golf, tennis, swimming and sailing. In the Ang pag aklas na ito tradition and culture, ang pag means “the game of bat”. There is also a game called ang may uay thao, which literally means bat ball.

Sport physical activities are very common. As a child gets older, they may participate in organized sports such as soccer, kickboxing, tennis, fencing and boxing, as well as taking part in personal fitness exercises like running, jogging or walking. This sort of exercise is known as cardiovascular conditioning, and many athletes and body builders will use this activity as a primary training tool. As adults, there are still plenty of options for the types of sports activities one can participate in, including golf, running, tennis, swimming and horseback riding.